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Mar 26, 2016 — Three of the five City Council seats will be decided in the upcoming Culver City election, April 12th. Mansionization is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION ISSUE facing Culver City. This is A HUGE OPPORTUNITY. WE MUST vote to elect the candidates who will responsibly handle the planning of our city.

Livable Culver endorses these three candidates for Culver City Council:

This endorsement decision was made after a careful review of the candidates’ position and responses to a questionnaire on residential zoning and planning (available at: www.livableculver.org/election). These three candidates are informed, concerned and capable to responsibly handle the Council’s continuing study and amendments of our codes.

Meghan Salhi-Wells, during her current tenure as a councilmember, has put in the time to understand the issues on a technical and personal level, including meeting face-to-face with homeowners impacted by new, out-of-scale residences. She also has a track record of listening very closely to the sentiments of residents who voice concerns and has the long-term interest of the community in mind.

Thomas Small’s professional work allows him to articulate the issues, and work closely with architects, developers and planners on the complexities of long-term planning. Furthermore, he very much encourages long term value creation through intelligent planning that involves all stakeholders: residents, developers, planners, etc.

Göran Eriksson recognizes that Culver City is not one homogeneous city, but rather a collection of neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics which warrant further study and proper zoning. As a resident of Carlson Park, he has seen firsthand the surge of new development, both good and bad, taking place here.


  • Spread the word: help raise community awareness that this is THE MAJOR ISSUE facing Culver City and it will be DECIDED in this upcoming election!
  • VOTE!
  • GET OUT THE VOTE! Encourage all of your Culver City family members, neighbors and friends to vote as well.

IMAGINE a new five member City Council with a majority of its council-members who understand this problem and want to act immediately to protect the future of Culver City by finding the proper balance! This REALITY IS POSSIBLE based on the outcome of this election.