Thank you to all who came to our recent residents’ meeting.

For those who missed it, please click below for a video of the presentation on issues and impacts.

Keeping Culver City Fair

Why are so many of your neighbors rising up in support of updating the Culver City zoning codes? It is because the threat to our valued quality of life is real and present. As a homeowner your right to sunlight, privacy and property value is being threatened by the propagation of oversized home construction commonly referred to as, ‘mansionization.’

You have probably noticed the sharp increase in large homes being built in Culver City, a fact supported by the city’s permitting records. It is a damaging trend to our community that cannot be stopped without your active support.


  • Oversized home building affects everyone.
  • Present Culver City zoning codes allow for a disproportionately large home to be built next door which will block out sunlight to your property, dominate your view, place windows which look down into your backyard and potentially reduce the market value of your home.
  • This has already happened to many unfortunate homeowners.
  • Without substantial change to the zoning codes ALL Culver City residents experience the same potential risk of this happening to them.
  • More factual information on oversized home building in Culver City.


  • When the bulldozers arrive next door, it will be too late. Take action now.
  • Your Culver City Council must hear your voice through direct contact (link to contact list) and Council meetings.
  • You are encouraged to join your neighbors gathering within the Livable Neighborhoods Coalition in order to unite efforts in support of fair zoning codes. Join us on Facebook and please pass it on.
  • Email Us: livableculver@gmail.com or call: 424-262-6488

Public outcry has already motivated the City Council to look into this issue, but it is the opinion of many observers that the official reaction has been limited, if not dismissive and solutions being discussed do not adequately address the true damaging potential we are all facing. If citizens do not speak up, the threat remains.

It is about fairness. Culver City is a gem within Los Angeles County that has grown from a dusty studio backlot into one of the most desirable communities in the area to live. New and rehabbed homes are an important part of its exciting prosperity, but sustainable growth requires a responsible structure. As stated in the 1947 Culver City Charter, “to provide a safe and harmonious environment for our mutual well-being.”

Contact the Planning Department and the Culver City Council today!

Voice your concern that recent Planning Study sessions did not include proper resident input nor follow a responsible, thorough process for such an important and complex issue.

Sol Blumenfeld, Community Development Director
Sol.Blumenfeld@culvercity.org – (310) 253-5700

Thomas Gorham, Planning Manager
thomas.gorham@culvercity.org – (310) 253-5727

Micheál O’ Leary, Mayor
micheal.oleary@culvercity.org – (310) 754-9787

Andrew Weissman, Vice Mayor
Andrew.weissman@culvercity.org – (310) 839-5217

Jeffrey Cooper, Councilmember
jeffrey.cooper@culvercity.org – (310) 253-6041

Meghan Sahli-Wells, Councilmember
Meghan.Sahli-Wells@culvercity.org – (310) 845-5831

Jim Clarke, Councilmember
jim.clarke@culvercity.org – (310) 775-1664